The significance of protected and pure drinking water can’t be denied and is frequently discussed. Furthermore, because of the rushed ways of life and expanding levels of contamination and pollutants/foreign substances in food things too, it turns into all more critical that we make admittance to protected and unadulterated drinking water a guarantee to remain better!

To ensure that you generally get clean consideration past immaculateness with regards to drinking water, we at LG have concocted LG True Water Purifier. It is India’s most memorable purifier with a Stainless Steel Tank which accommodates an unadulterated and more clean stockpiling when contrasted with the plastic stockpiling tank of some other RO. It’s obviously true that following 6 hours the water put away in the plastic tank of the RO isn’t so protected in light of the fact that debasements begin working in. Which isn’t true with LG water purifier as it starts an UV Cycle Sterilization process for 30 min after like clockwork giving you sound and unadulterated water generally.

Other than here are different highlights of the LG Water Purifier that thoroughly separate it from ordinary RO and assist in furnishing you more secure and pure drinking water.


2-in-1 Water Solution:
Furnish extra cleaning water with Fruits and vegetables.

Adaptable Installation:
Simple to introduce any place you need to, as indicated by the kitchen climate.

Whenever Water:
Don’t bother stressing for working item or store additional water when power is cut off.

Huge Water Tank (8L):
Don’t bother putting away additional water for drinking or cleaning.

With LG True Water Purifier ensure you and your relatives appreciate clean consideration past immaculateness and get protected and unadulterated drinking water constantly. Since now is the ideal time to express yes to a better and better life.


The importance and need for pure drinking water can’t be denied. Due to the extending defilements and contaminations in food things and our involved lifestyles, unadulterated drinking water is a certain necessity these days for one to carry on with a sound life.

To ensure that clients get spotless and pure water, LG has a scope of water purifiers furnished with a Stainless-Steel Tank that obliges pure and all the more perfect stockpiling when diverged from the plastic stockpiling tank of ordinary Water Purifiers. LG Water Purifier has been granted for meeting the proportions of wellbeing cordial drinkable water by the Heart Care Foundation of India.

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    Automatic UV Cycles

    Since the RO filters remove the viruses and bacteria from the water, the need of UV filter turns out to be less critical, however assuming you leave the water inside the tank for a really long time, which is as yet 100 percent protected and clean water to drink, still LG water purifier naturally reuses the put away water by means of UV like clockwork for 75 minutes to refine it once more, which LG calls it the Preservation Stage. This sort of component is just given by LG.

    Add Essential Minerals Back

    Since the RO stipes the water of most sort of salts and metals, that additionally implies that the sanitized water doesn’t contain a large portion of the fundamental minerals given by the water any longer. Consequently, the last filtration stage is of Mineral Booster (which is a consolidated Post Carbon + Mineral Booster) channel.

    This channel adds back the fundamental minerals or in one more manner to say, increment the basic level of the water which has different medical advantages over the long haul as displayed in the picture above.

    Water Quality

    Checking when TDS level is the typical standard of actually taking a look at the water nature of any water purifier. With LG purifier, I have an information source with 140 TDS level, and result was of around 20-30 which is wonderful as the purifier is adding minerals back which are most likely getting included in the TDS meter. Had it shown me a worth under 10, that would have made me stress rather contemplating whether the mineral supporter is working or not.

    There are two major benefits you get with LG water purifiers contrasted and barely any different brands:

    Many brands in India market gives a detour to add unfiltered water back to the purifier water to raise the TDS level and for adding minerals back. This is an exceptionally off-base work on being trailed by those brands and beats the motivation behind utilizing a water purifier. LG gives no such detour rather it adds back minerals utilizing Mineral Booster which is precisely how a water purifier ought to function.
    Typically, with numerous purifiers, they don’t work at many spots on account of the water pressure issue, in those cases, the assistance folks of different brands impair or removes the Low-Pressure Switch (LPS) which powers the water engine to work constantly, and that is the point at which you need to run the water purifier just when you need to fill the capacity tank. Yet, with LG, I found it working with ordinary water supply pressure even on the third floor. Despite the fact that I actually can’t ensure on the off chance that it will work at each spot as info water pressure source can differ from one spot to another, I am still very certain that it will work. On the off chance that you’ll interface the water purifier input source by means of a tank set at a decent level, you didn’t get anything to stress over with any brand water purifier.

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