UV (Ultraviolet) water purifiers are by and large suggested for regions where water TDS is under 200, commonly in homes with civil partnership supply and no drag well or big hauler supply. At the point when water goes through the UV chamber, the UV beams deactivate the infection, microbes, and different microorganisms by changing the DNA of the other cell utilizing electromagnetic radiation. A.O. Smith UV water purifiers accompany a strong 11W light and have the choice of both divider mount and under-the-counter (UTC) situation. Furthermore, we additionally have the choice of a moment heated water container. Thus, browse the best UV Water Purifiers for home according to your need, be it heated water, under sink situation, or a divider mount choice.

    How to Enroll a Service Request?

    One of the issues that many individuals face with regards to after-deals administrations, is enrolling a help demand. This is the justification for why, KENT gives the accompanying helpful ways of mentioning a help, establishment fix or explain AMC related questions.

    App For the accommodation of clients, KENT has a simple to utilize administration application. Clients can download the KENT administration application, accessible for both Android or iOS telephones to put their administration demand in a hurry.

    Helpline Number
    You can likewise give an approach KENT’s helpline number, which is accessible 7 days every week from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

    As well as utilizing the helpline number and versatile application, you can likewise demand for any help by sending an email.

    How to Actually look at the Warranty and Service?

    This is another significant data that you really want to be aware prior to purchasing a water purifier. All the water purifier from KENT, accompany a guarantee time of 1 year from the date of establishment. Likewise, KENT additionally offers free support of 3 years for all the RO water purifiers. During the guarantee time frame, KENT and the approved specialist co-ops supplant and fix any piece of the water purifiers with flawed material or assembling imperfection.

    What is it that I really want to realize about the Annual Maintenance Contract?

    A annual maintenance contract is a brilliant method for keeping up with your water purifier and keep in a decent working condition. This is the justification for why KENT likewise gives AMC administrations on its items. The AMC should be restored before the date of expiry. The pace of the yearly agreement shifts for every one of the models. Moreover, all electrical parts, for example, the siphon, connector, UV light as well as the mechanical parts will be fixed and supplant liberated from cost. The consumables which have a particular life and rely upon the nature of crude water will be charged extra for substitution.

    What are the Charges of Expert Visit?

    The charges of professional visit are likewise a significant component to consider while purchasing a water purifier. The specialist visit charges change for the different water purifiers from KENT. To make it advantageous for the clients, our site has the total rundown of work charges. Moreover, in the event that you live in the edges of the city, you really want to pay extra travel charges for the specialist visit.

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